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Oh I definitely agree about teaching before hand. My older two know the more basic stuff, and have been around a lot of dogs in their lives, my dad only has the smaller breeds and their friend has bigger dogs. The ones I worry about the most, are the twins, that is why I'm trying not to look before I leap, you know?

I would definitely love some advice on techniques to use before hand, anything that would prepare us all, even me

I, too, agree that some of the smaller breeds can be nippy. I have been trying to research breeds, even some of the mixed breeds, like cockapoos, etc. I would love a beagle but I'm not sure about that being a good mix with the kids either. I don't have a backyard but we have a great park not 2 minutes away.

The dog will have space that is specifically set up for him/her, with it's own bed, toys, food etc and it will be gated off from the kids when he/she is there.
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