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I know I know, it is to free the background of the picture let me try and explain........ take a picture the go into file selct new type in the size you want and make sure that on the bottom it says transparent if not make it tranparent,click ok a new box will apear.... then go back to the picture take the magic wand and click the background you want to dissaper.... then click on select and click on inverse.. then click on the move tool when you put your curor over the picture( design) not the background you will see sissors click on the desing and move it to the transpartent box you then have a picture free of the background......

if you want all backgroun removed press shift and click the magic wand where ever you don't like the background ie.. if some of it is white and other parts of it is green lets say as long as you hold down shift the two will be cut away

does that help or am i babbleing
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