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Originally Posted by Prin View Post
No way! You don't start by having a litter of unwanted puppies. Good breeders, regardless of reputation, won't breed unless the puppies are already sold. And the ads in the paper are always for puppies who are already born.

Seems to me you build a reputation in the show ring and competition and not through cheap, sleazy ads.

My dog was born in December 2005. I paid for him in the summer of '04. All her puppies are pre-paid for as her waiting list is very long, or you take a chance on someone changing their minds (doesn't happen). She decides which two she wants to breed ahead of time, and you put your name down with a sex of choice (as well as "family pet -neutered" or "show dog-unneutered"), and give her a deposit. I told her I wanted a family pet, but since she pays for all the show dog stuff (ring fees, health tests, breeding costs if any, etc), that I would concider keeping him unneutered if he grew up to be of good health and show quality. I told her I wanted a big male. Big feet, big block head, blonde, etc. She looked at me like I was absolutely out of my mind. I never got to chose which puppy was mine, and he is the complete opposite of what I wanted (he's small, darker, cute as hell but no block head, etc). BUT based on his personality, I'm not convinced I would have been happier with any other dog. I just love him to pieces, and he really is the perfect dog for me.

She does a FULL run of tests on mom and pop, as well as looks into the family history to make sure there's no signs of dysplasia or other major health problems. When the puppies are 6 weeks, a specialist comes to the house and does an analasys on them to test their personality, as well as give us a best guess which might grow up to be #1 pick for show ring quality (this is the dog she usually hangs on to for breeding purposes). We're all one big happy family (show dog people are weird), so I see my boys siblings (and aunts & uncles, cousins, half siblings, etc) on a regular basis. Some of which he's made very close buddies with.

She's never advertised in the paper because she's never had to. If you want to be a good breeder, and you put the effort in into establishing yourself as one even before your first litter, people come to you and the need to advertise is non-existant.

I feel completely lucky to have found mine. WE LOVE YOU GRANDMA! (she's not really my grandma, for the record... that's just what we call her cause that's what she is to the puppies. lol)
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