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BYB- Reputable Breeders-CKC-Internet

I need to put my 2 cents in here. I used to have goldens and I did the show ring, championship / Obedience titled my dogs etc...CKC, you name it I did it. But I believe alot of you put way to much faith in the so called "reputable breeders" I know some of these "reputable breeders" they have cut the nerve in a dogs tail so that the tail would lay properly, they have hidden "hot spots" missing teeth that the judges haven't noticed. These dogs have allergies some really severe...but they are labeled good breeders because they are in the CKC book and they do the circuit. Well what makes them different from someone advertising in the newspaper? Breeders advertise on the internet....My feeling for BYB is someone who has a litter be it puppies or kittens and fails to imunize them, feed them and make sure they get a good home. There are plenty of "GOOD" Breeders out there that do it for the love of the breed and they don't want the politics that go with the show ring.
I know a few "good" breeders that have had "OOPS" litters. Bottom line if you knew that your breeder that you thought was a reputable one sold you a pup from an "oops" litter would it make a difference? BYB are not all puppy millers. This is my oppinion.
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