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Dog food options

Ok.. I've been feeding a food from Costco called Nutra Nuggets Lamb and rice. The ingredients look good (lamb meal is actually the first inged - rice the second) Now Rose (8 yr old 75 lbs Rotti) has been doing great on this food - good weight, not acting hungry, coat 'looks' healthy and shiny, but she's sheads a horrible amount - I swear she should be bald

Rose has joint problems and is on a Glucosamine/ chondroitin/ MSM pill, which I will keep her on.

So my question is, should i change her food to help the sheading,and if so, what do you suggest and why, or should I add something to her current diet - I heard that oil and/or eggs will help, but I'm just looking for an opinion here, as I know many here are much more knowledgable on this than I.

Oh - right now she is fed twice a day, a little over 1 cup at each meal.

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