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Petshop pups

I am a strong believer in not buying from a pet shop. I currently have 3 australian shepherds (all rescues) and just all around great dogs, they have their own little husband and I went to the shop and low and behold they had the cutest little aussie pup, we looked and I wanted to leave, he wanted to see her...well we saw her, played with her and so on...I forced him to leave (it was getting to much for me) well for 3 days and nights her kept shoving money at me to go and get her...I kept refusing, we argued a little ......I can proudly say.....I am owned by another australian shepherd!
I was however quite impressed with this pet shop. I have a 2yr warranty on eyes, hips and other breed defects (not like I would trade her for the world) but I basically got the same written guarantee that I would have if I had purchased her from a breeder. I'm sure she came from a byb but hey she was only 8 weeks old when we came around so hopefully she won't have any memories of this. I still give the hubby crap for buying her but only because she came from a petshop. is Indy I called her that as I am sure she could run the 500!
We have just begun training with her. Indy is a wonderful addition to our home.
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