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You CANNOT introduce cats to a dog the way you introduce two dogs. If you try it, you'll have a big mess on your hands.

Do not take the cats outside for this. They must be on their own territory in the home.

Find a dog that is living or has lived with cats and does not chase them. Then set up the cats in a spare room with all their stuff and put up a baby gate. If you get a big dog, you can raise the gate just high enough for the cats to get under. The dog has to learn he cannot go in there.

Let the cats come out when they feel like it. They will be much braver knowing they have a "safe" place. Keep the dog on leash first,and correct him if he tries to approach the cats (unless the cats are willing) Reward the dog for ignoring the cats.

Since your cats are young, they will probably be more curious than frightened, IF the dog doesn't lunge at them. Never allow the dog to chase the cats.

Do not ever hold a cat up to a dog's face. . The dog could end up blinded, and you could be badly hurt. The cats must make all the moves and cannot be forced to interact with the dog. They will do when - and ONLY when - they feel it's safe to do so.
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