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i luv pit bulls!!!

they are so cute. i just dont get why people hate them so much. most of the people ive met that dont like them havent even met one just heard stories. i had a rottweiler (R.I.P. Bear. we all miss you so much you big goof) who was absolutely one of the best dogs in the world and would not hurt a fly. and everyone was scared of him just because of how he looked.

i think it depends on the owner and the conditions a dog is raised in that determines whether a dog is mean or not.

personally its the small dogs you should be more worried about. once when we were walking our rottweiler another couple walked by with a couple of pugs and they attacked him. bear just stood looking at us like nothing was happening while these two beasts were trying eat him lol. dont worry nobody was hurt.

i guess in the end the lesson is dont judge a breed by what it looks like
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