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sorry all

Originally Posted by calicogal View Post
My first post on this Forum was gonna be about "getting my cat to behave when I brush her", but something came up...

There is possibly something quite disturbing going on in this area of the Foothills and it is just beginning to break.
Has anyone ever heard of such a thing as a strip mall puppymill?
I thought all the puppymills were way out in the boonies and took months and months to get any attention to bust them. Our town is going to closly follow this story. Maybe , if you happen to know anyone who may have been involved somehow with this operation or any of the "mills" mentioned in the victims letter, please feel free to help out.
I hope posting this "other" forum address isn't breaking any rules here. I couldn't find one if there is. I just thought this was so important to get out there to the right community.
Thanks ,

Hello All ,

Sorry about the problem with the link.
I was going with the fact that our admin. has
let it ride on our community forum
but of course, 20/20 hindsight I hope even these
folks don't get into hot water
with the legal issue.
Just hope the animals are ok.

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