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Barbara, I am very sorry - I have Rottweilers (have never had to deal with bloat, thankfully) and a good friend of mine lost her old male Great Dane very suddenly to bloat. It's an awful thing, my sympathies.

I don't have the lonk handy, but if you do a search on "Purdue bloat study" you can find out quite a bit of info from a fairly extensive study. I don't think anyone really knows the true cause, or how to prevent bloat...for years we were told to elevate a dog's feeding dish, then the Purdue study found that actually increased the risk. I've also read that adding water to certain kibbles can also increase risk....bottom line, it's absolutely nothing you did, or could have prevented.

(There are many folks who feed a raw grain free diet - I do - believing it decreases risk. But I have heard of dogs bloating on raw too...)

Good luck in your search for another poodle- never a "replacement" but dogs sure fill a space in our homes and hearts.
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