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Rocky is FINE!

Hi all, I was just re-reading my post lol I do get my self going thats for sure....Phew well he did just fine with his surgery, I refused to leave him til the very last minute and told the vet tech at least 17 times about all of my concerns, He is actually feeling so well, I dont know what to do with him, he wants to play kong and he cant for three weeks or so. Anyways, anal glands.... ahhhh! he only had them expressed the one time, I have definately noticed that he is still upset about them, the vet said AGAIN that theres nothing there so hopefully he is just still sensative about having them expressed the first time.... sorry about your lunch there Frenchy hahahhah...!
Prin, he doesnt lick or drag himself, nothing that would have tipped me off that that was his problem, I just kept changing his diet.... ! At least I now have it narrowed down to the right part of the anatomy.....! Why now I am wondering...he is almost eight and now problems in that ahem...area before.
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