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Predicting or preventing death from bloat

I came home to find my fifty pound standard poodle on the bed (her usual place) but her stomach was distended and she did not do her her usual "you're home, you're home , you're home" dance. In fact she hardly moved at all. I called the vet and he agreed to meet me at the hospital. She died in my arms before we got to the car. The vet said that "bloat is just something that happens sometimes with deep chested dogs".

Could I have forseen this terrible tragedy? or prevented it? She had never been bloated before. She did not eat differently or gobble her food that night or usually. I had been out for about six hours.

My dog had been well cared for and healthy. She was probably seven, a rescued dog so I'm not sure of her age. I'd had her for three wonderful years. She'd had a complete checkup prior to getting a Lyme disease booster on August 3rd. She died on August 16th at midnight.