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Update on the coughing a gagging

Thank you for all the advice. I did end up going to my vet. She did a full exam and reassured me that her heart and lungs sounded great - all organs feel normal size etc. She felt the throat and trachea and did come to a part that elicited the cough. She felt it was an upper airway irritation that is more common in smaller dogs but can be seen in larger dogs. If it gets really bad they can give an anti-imflammatory but felt her case was minor. Could be from food scratching or I often notice it after she is licking a lot so hair or larger particles may cause irritation and inflammation - so she feels like she need to cough or gag to remove it.

Guess it's just good to get these things looked at because I'm sure that it could be a sign of something more major or minor.
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