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Hi, my shih-poo puppy started doing the carpet drag so I did some research on anal gland problems and found some sites saying that if you add a small amount of canned pumpkin (not the pie type-just plain pumpkin) to their diet that this could help. I give Bailey about one teaspoon of pumpkin a day and so far she hasn't had any more problems. This has been for about 4 months now, so I think the extra fibre in the pumpkin has helped. I freeze one teaspoon mounds on a cookie sheet and keep them in the freezer-pull one out each night and she thinks she's getting the best treat! She has been on innova puppy food since we got her and have just recently switched to evo. I'm not sure if there was enough fibre in the innova, but didn't really want to switch foods as I think innova is one of the better foods out there. She now likes the evo better and with the pumpkin-everything is seems to be fine - no more carpet drag-or skid marks!!
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