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Rocky is g0ing through this now! He is going for surgery tomorrow for his TOOTH, but I took him in for his annual check up recently cuz he is "gassy" I have been messing with his diet for ages trying to fix it...turns out his anal glands were really bad and so they were expressed by the vet... but at this very moment he is freaking out with this AGAIN...he has been at the vet TWICE recently about this and they say he is NOT bloated and may still have irritated anal glands so that when he passes gas its painful But that was almost two weeks ago??? shouldnt it be okay now/ Cause its not! And now Im worried that he has some weird underlying condition that might compromise his surgery...(his safety during the surgery) AND he was coughing today aghhggh! I think I may be in panic mode cause of the impending surgery but I dont know.... YES I have informed them via the vet tech that I have these concerns but Im still scared!
Also, Rock is going to be 8 yrs old, hes never had any anal gland problems before so I dont know how much of this "normal"
BTW very Im very sorry for the "run on sentences" !
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