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Unhappy not always a it seems

i am sad to say i had to let the vet put Tzaar to sleep they are now performing a autopsy to determin what it was that he was suffring from.
they say addissons ,but yet they say it is not quite..
we had him at te animal hospital for a week and they had him on triple dropbags cause they had tried with less and thn his levels of natrium and kalium didnt elevate even the slightest..
they said on friday that with cortisone he should be fine and sent him home... that evening he was relativly okey... saturday he began to get tired and just wanted to sleep..a 200 meter walk took so much energy of him that he was rembling badly, and he didnt want to eat..with a bit of persuation we managed to get the meds into him...and on sunday... we persuaded him to take the meds again... and got his faVOUITE FOOD to make him eat some... he reluctantly ate some... and an hour later he puked everythingup... meds from friday undigested same with saturday and sundays meds...
we went to the vet again and even tho he had been drinking he was yet again severly dehydrated... he wasnt getting any better... he could hardly walk becaue he was shaking ... i had to carry we decided to do the most humane thing and let him go to dogheaven... because only time he was somewhat okey was when he was on dropbags..and we cant keep him o that for ever... it was the most horryfying experience in my whole life... from perfectly healthy to deadly sick in less than two weeks...
i hope no dog ever have to experience what he went tru...
and you people who have dogs that start acting strange and drink loADS of water...please please go to a larger vetrinary center because many times the smaller vetstations dont have the resources to check and diagnose more than the most common problems...
wish you all well.. in time maby ill get a new dog...but for now im glad when i can get thru the day..
/Yonna grieving Tzaar
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