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re: cat spaying

I'm sympathetic to "Quicksilver"'s dilemma about spaying. I adopted my cat from the H. Society in Jan., they mailed me a $150 spaying voucher, but I'm encountering the same problems.......cheapest I've found is $300 before taxes, bloodwork etc. I too have been on endless hold with Toronto Animal Services spaying service. My only suggestion is to do what I'm going to do - go down to Exhibition Place in person and talk to someone at A. Services face to face, politely of course. There is an epidemic of feral cats in Toronto right now and the city should be more on the ball with this service. I'm going to head down today, so if I find out anything I'll post. I also think the H. Society should provide a spay service cat was only there for a day before we adopted her, otherwise it would have been done by their vets. Now it's my problem. Seems almost like a case of feline services price fixing here in Toronto,as I've heard of much cheaper prices elsewhere.
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