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no the more people know about this, the better!

we STILL have the problem. we shut the broadband router off for a month (a whole billing cycle) and connected our two laptops directly to the modem with long cables... what a PITA that was. and our last bill STILL shows pirate activity! Videotron said sorry, they can't help us, looks like we have a (rare) trojan and need to get an expert hacker clean our laptops :sad: of all the lowdown, dirty rotten things to happen. why us??

I know it's not me cuz i reformatted my laptop last november, in the middle of pirate activity, and nothing changed. so hubby is doing his now, big job, and will hopefully wipe out the trojan in the process. If that doesn't work, we'll have to pay an expert to find out what is going on.

it can't get crappier than this. Since August we're paying $35 per month EXTRA because of these morons, except for the December bill. Looks like the crooks took a long vacation down south for the winter or something on the money they're probably making pirating things

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