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I started to work at a Petstore Company (who shall remain nameless) who sells puppies. In terms of keeping their puppies healthy - they did an excellent job. They had a vet on hand, keep all puppies up to date on vaccinations/worming/ect and would take older individuals outside to learn to walk on the leash and basic obedience skills. You could argue that yes - this was a responsible pet store. You walk in, the cages are always maintained, the puppies always look healthy (sure, some sulk, as would any puppy stuck in a small cage 24/7) and the store itself has no odor.

Than you realize WHERE the puppies came from. I quit after I learned their motto was "Sell, Sell, Sell" and that yes, there puppies came in bulk from brokers and dealers. More than one puppy had a "Hunte Corporation" listed as their breed on their AKC registration papers. No matter how healthy the puppies look, you cannot change where they came from.
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