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I'm a newbie

Ha, found the introduction thread, my name is Amber, married w/ 2 kids and a wonderful dog, Bourbon. He's large, He only weighs 74lbs (which I think is thin for his height/build, but the doc says he's fine.) Vet says he has German Shepard, probably chow, and possibly Great Dane. The dane part is a guess mainly because of my dogs hieght. Though a Dane is usually a little bit taller then him, but Bourbon is much bigger then a Shepard or ChowChow. He's a rescued pet from the Pound, was told he had been at the SPCA before (he has a tattoo on his leg a serial type number, I didnt know the SPCA tattooed animals). And that's my Bourbon. Oh, he got his name, because of his golden color.
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