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Question Feline Urinary Tract Syndrome

Dear Dr Lienden ( or anyone else that may be able to help )

I have a very much loved cat who has been diagnosed with F.U.S. He too was having blood in his urine ( at times almost pure blood ) I took him to my vet straight away as at times he was having difficulty in peeing. He was put on a course of antibiotics but as his bladder was full, the vet also took an x-ray, did an ultrasound, and so that he was able to empty his bladder fitted a catheter for three days. They explained to me that it was important tp change his diet, only give him water which I have done. The problem is it keeps recurring. He is so uncomfortable when he has the problem, it is really not nice to watch him struggle. As I write this he is OK and I am awaiting results of an analysis of his urine. He has been on antibiotics for almost three months now. Please, will he ever get better ? At times I felt that I was loosing faith in my vet and because I live in Spain there is sometimes a language problem. I have read so much information off the internet, I now realise that it is common in nuetered males and I think now that my vet is doing all he can. Is there any advice anyone can give me ?

Sincerely Susanna ( PS Sydney is only two years old )
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