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Hi AJ's Mom,
Thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm aware of the socialization window and have been working hard to get Lola exposed to as much as possible. She's been to the local grocery store mall where I've asked passersby to greet her and she's seen walkers, bikes, canes, shopping carts, what-have-you. She's learned that she can get tasty gum from the sidewalk . She LOVES kids and other dogs, is very interested in befriending cats but keeps a wary distance. She doesn't care for the car but just lies down immediately and waits out the trip. I don't think she realizes that there's a world going by outside the window as all she can see from her prone position are treetops and sky! I take her to the vet's office for visits with the girls. We don't molly-coddle her when something scary happens but speak to her in an up-beat, excited and friendly voice to let her know that the chair scraping or the blender whirring are FUN noises. She does not like to be left alone - I had a video camera on her when I left her at home in her crate for 42 minutes...she howled and yipped for 21 of them before settling down. She's learning to spend the night in her crate by our bed and is accepting it more and more. She's coming along quite well, hopefully we can overcome the separtion anxiety. I'm aware that it is imperative to work it out while she's young.

I'll be posting more about our issues in the appropriate forums when there's time. Thanks again for your comments/concerns!
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