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Exclamation extreme drinking and thirst

i have a one year old dobermann male who was rehomed to us (and i know his prev owner personally)two months ago, and has really settled in well.
when we brought him home he wa rather slim and we have worked hard ever since to get him to gain weight and to build muscles.
he weighed about 28 kilos when we got him and three weeks ago when we did the mandatory ad/hd x-ray they clocked him in at amazing 35,4 kilos..
a week after that all of a sudden he stopped eating, i thought it was because there might be some bitch in heat in the such luck..
i fiddled and desperatly tried to get him to eat but all he wanted to do was drink...and drink...and drink... about 7-9 LITERS per day ....and no matter what i tried to offer him he didnt wanna eat... not even grinded meat or beef or...well dogfood brand or variations was untried..
had to seriously cut back on the trainingsessions...
i kept calling the vet ever day (started the second day when he was excessivly drinking) and was yet again put off with a well he drinks so there should be no problem..
i finally went to the vet and refused to leave before they had a look at him... he was by then down to 27 kilos (a loss of more than 30 % of his weight in two and a half week)and shaking like a rattler. severly dehydrated and shaking unable to walk it became even more acute since his problems escalated while we were waiting...
now nthree days on dripbag and several tests later all they can say for sure is what it is NOT... they have test for diabethics,addisons,cushings,kidney problems,etc...
what they could see was that he had very very low levels of natrium and kalium in his blood.and a little bit of urea... noting else seems wrong except for the fact that no matter how much drop (NaCl) they give him his levels doesnt raise and his urine doesnt seem to get much dilluted... now they are sorta giving up...with lets try cortisone so i reach ouut and ask is there anyone out there who has any idea or has experienced anything similar???
Note: kidney x-ray and ultrasound is done,ACTH test is done,and bloodworks aswell...
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