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Vote For Jewel On "Pup Of The Week Contest"

Dear All:

For those of you who know me and for those of you who don't, I am Marcel's
and Bonnie's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Jewel. I am calling upon you
now to help me attain the Gryphon doggy prize! I am my Mommy and Daddy's
pride and joy, and when you visit, choose
Vote For The Pup Of The Week, and see me, Jewel (Number 3), you will see why
I am loved so much. :-)

Please do your part by voting for me, Jewel, once a day until next Thursday,
from every computer you have - I am counting on you!

If you know of any other doggy lover's who can help me, please pass this
message on!

Ruf-Ruf in advance,

(Bonnie and Marcel, too)
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