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EXACTLY Moontamara! I think you hit the nail on the head in more cases than one with that post!

It is what brought me and happened to me too! Electic to eat! I agree with you.

Sometimes people get an animal and then circumstances change, and yes, they may not be able to offer that pet EVERYTHING, but can still responsibly take care of the pet with love. I would much rather see a pet getting love and attention than be given away because someone can't buy something that isn't necessarily a need in their circumstance, hence, the questions here. With some things, you never know if it is need or just something that will go my dog's rash...took her to the vet, and they didn't do anything that I couldn't have done, except charge me a $25 office visit. I am glad I took her and eased my concerns BUT...the money is a BIG issue for me. When she NEEDS to be at the vet, I will make it happen, but can't run her there for every little thing. Isn't that what the post is for? I too stumbled on this link from the same search...for a vet. Now, the extreme issues are a bit much, but hey? You have those everywhere you go!

I agree with you girl!