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Don't you think it's natural not to want to spend a lot of money on vet bills if it isn't necessary? Lots of people just don't know the difference, and some may want to spend the money on something else, like their electrical bill!

I know there are some ridiculous cases we've seen here where it's obvious that the pet owner is either too selfish to spend the money on a vet, too stupid to know they should go to a vet, or seriously don't have the money, and therefore probably shouldn't have the pet. But lots of people just don't know! Also, I think that sometimes people phrase things carelessly, and people here have a tendency to jump on what people write before asking more questions... I've seen that a few times, and now my posts always have a tendency to be quite long to ensure that I've said everything and explained every little detail to avoid getting jumped on!

But honestly, more than anything, I think the title of this section needs to be changed, as we've discussed in another thread. The disclaimers are easily ignored by someone who is desperately searching a vet to communicate with online. How about calling it "Health Issues" or something like that. Keep the disclaimer, but lose the terribly misleading "Ask the Vet."

I also think there is a reason it's called "Ask the Vet." In my case, that was the search line that brought me here, and I'm guessing it's like that for a lot of people... Hmmm.