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Hi Gremlin:
Another senior and a widow . Love your dog....what a beauty.
I too adopted a dog right after my husband died. She was my dearest companion for only 4 years due to horrific health problems in the last year but she helped me through the saddest and traumatic time of my life and she will never be forgotten.
I waited 10 years but now I am owned by Casey a white/buff cocker spaniel 6 yrs old that I adopted last summer and Jake a Jack Russell/Beagle 8 yrs old approx who arrived yesterday.
Both these dogs accepted the retirement package I offered them and they are enjoying each other and giving me lots of things to smile about.
I have a real soft spot for the senior dogs because they are so settled and they actually adapt to a new environment more easily than the younger ones.
When I hear that the only alternative is euthanasia for these animals, it breaks my heart, especially when they have been with a family for so long.
My family is complete now because I have such a small house and yard and financially would not be able to deal with more than 2 aging dogs and the resulting medical bills that may be incurred.
Casey is very healthy so far and sailed through her spaying.
Jake I am not sure what we will find at the vet visit. He also is not neutered and I fear for testicular cancer or some other problem.
Spaying and neutering early is a kindness to pets. I do not understand why most owners do not believe this.
Both of my adorable adoptees are unable to enjoy the protection afforded by early spaying/neutering. What a shame.
Nice to meet you all and I am looking so forward to reading all the interaction on this site.
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