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We had coonhounds growing they were used for hunting but were also pets, those days there were no pinch collars, or electric training collars, I did the training as a child, and they did learn to walk at heel without dragging me around.

Obedience training is the place to start, to teach leash manner and recall, and then you need to get you dog out for runs one or 2 hours daily, so you need to find a safe place for you dog to get out to get exercise but wait till you have mastered the recall,

for those that say that these dogs are not smart, some can be brilliant Duke the black boy, learned all his obedience commands in English, french, sign language, spelled out and I even did counting with him teach him to bark a certain number of times and return a certain number of items, training and lessons have to be daily and out in the field, when hunting they have to learn to follow directions at a distance, so believe me they are capable of learning, in the middle of a chase instinct will take over so you can't always expect them to listen in mid chase, but before and after they can follow directions even 50 yards away with training, you need to keep training fun and interesting meaning playtime with the dog, and trying to incorporated training into the play, it gives them more incentive to learn if they see it as fun.
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