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I agree with Prin - you have basically bought from a back yard breeder since that mix is not a recognized breed so is not one that comes from a certified breeder. Thus, there are no genetic histories and medical backgrounds and you will have to be cautious - just as you would tho if you adopted from a shelter.

What combo is a the one you are getting? A Shi**tzu with a poddle? Can I ask why you opted for this rather than going to a breeder who would have all the paper work and be able to help you more in terms of the genetic issues? I am not being critical, just curious. I see it as similar to ppl going to shelters tho spending much more money.

I had a poodle and they are wonderful dogs!!! I have no idea what they would be like combined with a shizu (sp incorrect) and really as with any mixed breed dog, no one can tell you since there are no grand champions in the provide some of that info.

Good luck - make sure you puppy proof your home, us as you would for a toddler - and you are bringing home a baby after all. Many ppl find investing in training to be a wise choice and ensuring the puppy knows you and every other human, even the small ones, are alpha is the best way to begin your new adventure!

Congrats on your new family member!
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