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Hello and welcome.

As for puppies, well puppy proofing your home will be imortant, crates are highly recommended ( IF USED PROPERLY, I cant stress that enough, im not a crating fan, but if you choose to use one as a first time puppy owner, just make sure its not used in a negative manner)
Some good high quality dog food is also a good start.
Expect some crying the first few nights too.

I cant help but notice that you are getting a shih tzu poodle mix, I certainly hope you are aware that if you were looking for a non shedding dog, yours could shed. I am not going to start in on the whole "designer dogs" debate, and I really hope you take the time and look around here for what you *MAY* run into with purchasing from a BYB ( back yard breeder). Other than that, im sure some of the others will be popping in with some good tips and advice.
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