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Originally Posted by technodoll View Post
you don't see wolves and rabbits and lions and crocs needing toothpaste and floss do you? that is because they are eating what mother nature intended them to, not little brown pellets in a bag, loaded with plaque-causing carbs and sugars.
You don't see monkeys and apes brushing their teeth either, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't. Back in the day, when humans hadn't figured out they needed to clean their teeth, tooth issues were one of the main causes of death. We'd get an infected tooth and it would infect the gum and then the bloodstream and we'd die. If there are teeth that CAN be brushed, they should be brushed. Regardless of what we eat, our mouths are full of bacteria and sure, the more sugar you eat, the more you feed the bacteria and the faster it grows, but eventually you're bound to eat some sugar, whether it's in veggies, grains or even dairy products, so you will feed the bacteria anyway and the plaque will build up anyway, just not as quickly.

It may not be "natural" but then is it natural for wild animals to eat the healthiest, plumpest carcasses without even running for them?

That said, I don't brush my dogs teeth and they are fairly clean, but if they weren't clean, I wouldn't hesitate to do something about it.
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