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Spaniel ears are always a challenge, and require continual attention to avoid major trouble. Frequently there is an underlying allergy problem, usually an inhalant culprit, but flea and food allergies can also add to the mix, and various bacterial/yeast infections complicate the presentation.

There are no hard and fast rules for cleaning ears; basically, I advise my clients to clean pets' ears as often as needed, with a safe product. Some ear washes can not be used beyond a set schedule, therefore always consult the package insert prior to use. Other ear washes can be used daily, and some ear washes have various drugs added to enhance therapy.

Every veterinarian has a favorite ear cleaner; I'm not overly picky, but will use something easy to use for a particular situation--and every case is different. Don't think of your two veterinarians' advise as conflicting, merely different points on a continuum.

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