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Originally Posted by Jellybean View Post
When the poster said you could save money by collecting the urine in a baggie, I'm almost positive he/she didn't mean to tell you that you were trying to avoid going to the vet.
You had already said you panned to see the vet. I think the whole thing is just a misunderstanding. Good luck!
He had already posted the above statement before we said that.

As a single mom of a furkid I know how expensive it gets (there is definitely more month than money in this household), first thing that comes to mind for me is how to save as much money as possible. I know for a lot of other people that is the same problem. It's not advertised, but you can collect samples and take just them into the vet, as was mentioned in the other post, if they have a recent weight on the pet it should be fine. That being said, if it was a dire life, death, or damage thing I would not hesitate to take my dog to the vet, after all that's what Visa is for, right.

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