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I would do a lot of research before getting a bulldogge as there are lots of health problems it also makes the search for a good breeder of quality bulldogs more difficult as the breed is not recognized by AKC or CKC though there are rare breed clubs they can be shown and judged at, it is a good idea even to go to some of the rare breed dogs shows and talk to some breeders, learn of they are selecting mates how often they breed what genetic testing they are doing, also learn about genetic testing, some tests may only be require once in a lifetime other need to be done yearly, they also maintain a registry of dogs tests and the results, This can be important if you find a breeder you can check the dogs pedigree lines yourself to see if members of the family were clear or not

contact the bulldogs registries to get recommendations and possibly ask for buyer references find out what health testing is done and ask to see confirmation of results, Even if it takes several months to a year to find a high quality breeder it can be worth it, my guess is even a pet quality bulldog may cost $1500 to $2000 to purchase and the last thing you want to learn is that the dog has some genetic problem a year or 2 down the road that it is going to cost 5 or $10K to fix

Health registries
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