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Originally Posted by Prin View Post
True, but a good breeder would be followed by a mentor breeder (the breeder who bred the dogs the new breeder is using), and the new breeder wouldn't be starting from scratch with no reputation, as the line of dogs would have a reputation of its own.

Even the "professional" breeders (the ones who do breed for money) have it in their contracts that there is a large sum of money as a sort of fine if the new owner of the dog isn't neutered by a certain date. You really should consider it so your dogs don't end up intact and end up in puppymills or in the hands of unethical breeders.
You are sooo right Prin.

Your breeder is always your mentor.He/she is the one to be asking questions about showing,health/genetic testing,temperment testing and so on.

Originally Posted by i_have_too_many
I do not "demand" the dog be fixed, I can not police that, I had never heard of saying you will sue someone for not getting the dog fixed, I dont think too many breeders have that in their contracts
Yes you can Police it.You have a s/n contract.MANY breeders have this.And yes,they have it in their contract that they will sue you.As I have stated before,I was on a neuter contract.If I did not have my boys done at 6 months,she had the right to take me to court and sue me for $5000.That was for each of my dogs.

Think about what Prin said.Would you want someone you sold your pups to become BYB"s?Would you want the females bred in their first heat?Would you want them to pass on a health/genetic issue to their pups?Every responsible breeder I know has a s/n contract.For them,this is a must.

Do you tell the new owners to have their dogs health/genetic tested at the ages it supposed to be done?

In 23 years of raising 3 GSD's from my breeder,we kept in contact the whole time up untill her death in 2006.:sad:
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