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Dog eats feces - My dogs have just acquired a taste for the brown stuff...

Hi all,

I know I am not alone in this - but if anyone has any advice I would very much appreciate it.

Hayden is almost 15 months and has never been a "poo-eater", a "poo-roller" yes, but despite lots of exposure to different dogs mess, he has never eaten the stuff before.

Since we have got a second dog, a female yellow lab, I have noticed that the two of them are having a field day out in the backyard digging up frozen poo and eating it...sometimes tossing it around a bit, then eating it.

I have heard that sometimes a submissive dog will eat the excrement of the dominant dog....but it seems to me that they are both doing it...and not discriminating between which dog made the mess.

I am wondering if this is just more of a game - as it seems they only pick the frozen, buried stuff.

I know, the obvious answer is to pick it all up - but until spring it is impossible to get to all the frozen stuff in the snow. It seems they still manage to find it no matter how much time we spend digging and picking it up.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to curb their new appetite? I have tried standing out there and scolding them everytime but they seem to find my "scolding voice" funny and it excites them even more than the poo.

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