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And remember, all breeders, even the best, started with a first litter.
True, but a good breeder would be followed by a mentor breeder (the breeder who bred the dogs the new breeder is using), and the new breeder wouldn't be starting from scratch with no reputation, as the line of dogs would have a reputation of its own.

Even the "professional" breeders (the ones who do breed for money) have it in their contracts that there is a large sum of money as a sort of fine if the new owner of the dog isn't neutered by a certain date. You really should consider it so your dogs don't end up intact and end up in puppymills or in the hands of unethical breeders.

You can follow up too, you know? Ask for proof of neutering and just get updates on how the dog is doing. How will you know if the dog has a genetic disorder that you should breed out if you don't follow up with the dogs after they leave?
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