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That's why you have to go to the same vet. If I call my vet tomorrow morning with a problem, I'll get an answer and maybe not a diagnosis, but they will tell me if they think it's something that should be dealt with right away or something I can get checked when I've got free time to do it. But my vet sees my dogs at least twice a year, so he knows what state of health they are in. If you don't go to the vet at least once a year, then yes, you aren't likely going to get great service from a perfect stranger, but then again NOBODY knows your animal or any of their history, so what do you expect?

p.s. if your vet hasn't seen your animal in over a year, and you can't afford a regular, maintenance visit, then maybe it's time to rethink having animals. Sure, some costs are unexpected, but when it comes to regular stuff, like check ups and vaccines and all that, you should be ready or you shouldn't have a pet.

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