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More than likely you have considered this but, I know how it is to worry, any help is helpful even if I have already tried it. I have 2 cornish rex. My female has mostly peach like fuzz on her back other than that she is completely hairless. She gets scabs around her neck and she has had them all over before, the vet said she was fine when this was happening. He told me to treat the scabs with a peroxide and then neosporin. This worked somewhat. She slept on a heating pad with the lowest setting and under a down comforter. I thought maybe the heating pad was drying her skin out b/c I noticed a lot of oil on her bedding, I took her heating pad away(she just sleeps with the blanket now and the other cat if he decides he wants to sleep with her) and the itching and scabs went away. She does get a scab around her neck sometimes still, when this happens I try to keep her off the heat vents(she sits on those now for the heat that she loves)until it clears, I do treat her with the peroxide/neosporin this usually clears up in about 3 days for us. So, maybe consider where and how your kitty sleeps if she/he is getting dried out, Dr.s always think allergies first for some reason, I guess that maybe the case for most though.
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