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Originally Posted by kristen38
We are cleaning the ears with ear cleaning solution that we buy from the vet. I don't know the name but it comes in a white bottle with purple and green writing on it.
Sounds like Vet Solutions. I liked that one. I have Epi-Otic now, and yes, it does seem like it contains a lot of alcohol.

My Lhasa's ears get really bad. I've tried every possible kind of dog food that I can think of with him, with no relief. He doesn't get yeast infections, they swab his ears and always tell me it's gram positive (whatever that means), and I always leave with a bottle of Surolan.

So, I clean his ears every week or so, and make sure they are good and dry. And, like erykah said, I flip his ears over when he's on the couch with me. As long as I'm touching him, he's happy! I don't think Mocha would tolerate anymore cleanings than that!!
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