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hi there

if you have your computer set to Accept all cookies then anyone who wants to can view the sites you enter and what you download. Some of the most reputable sites will not let you enter unless you have cookies set at accept all cookies.

Personally, I don't care what any organisation sees what I'm viewing, as what I view and do in the net is not personal. That is the way to keep it!

My computer is on sleep when I'm not using it, but I'm not in broadband land (I live in the sticks of Ireland).

Anyway I wouldn't mind, I teach computers and I always tell my classes not to give their personal details over the net unless they are 100% sure of the site, even the site users of E-Bay has let people down over tickets etc. Which is not E-Bays's fault as it takes so long for match & concert tickets to be published.


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