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Perhaps at night when shes laying by you, just flip them over... Bailey sleeps on the couch beside me when its tv time and I pet him and flip his ears over and masage his face and neck so he stays still.... im not sure if your dog would tolerate that... but it is important with Cockers to keep those floppy ears dry inside... Are you using Epi Otic?? I was using Epi Otic but found the alcoholy-ness (wow, what a word) to be more irritating...
Im gonna head off line for a while, but im going to try to post a home made earcleaner that I found online...apparently works pretty good. I havent tried it yet, but do intend on doing so....
So, by tomorrow i'll post that up K... sorry to make you wait, but perhaps someone will have a good suggestion until then...
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