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We are cleaning the ears with ear cleaning solution that we buy from the vet. I don't know the name but it comes in a white bottle with purple and green writing on it. We have tried other kinds, and one took the hair off of her ears and neck and the other one smelled really bad. The old vet recommended the one we use now, and we have been using it for at least five years.
She does not have a yeast infection. It is a bacteria. But that's all I know about it.
The yeast infection is on her neck, and it being medicated by some other topical cream
The dog eats hypoallergenic food from the vet. I think it's medi-cal, and we also have been using that for year. She doesn't seem to do well when we switch her food, shes kind of picky.
The vet has also recommended that we somehow tie her ears up (he suggested with panty hose or something like that) but there is absolutley no way my dog will let that happen.
She is very sensitive about her ears.
Anything else,
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