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The Riddle of the Wren by Charles de Lint , he's an interesting author, this was my favorite that he wrote, the rest of his collection is interesting, but not as cool. This book is not in circulation anymore and someone stole it from the special collections library.

Stephen King, of course, I've read almost all of his books. My favorite, It, It scared the heck out of me, I swear I was freaked out about the sinks and bathtubs. Scary book, but I've never liked clowns much.

Kathleen O'neal Gear and W. Michael Gear, (They wrote books sort of like Jean Auel), I only really poured over one of their books, People of the Masks. I find the rest are too archealogically based and there just isn't enough mysticism. This one I highly reccommend, it's the best of theirs that I've read.

Terry McMillan, I just like the modern way that she writes.

Right now I'm working on the Lemony Snickett books, I enjoy them, I like a good mystery, they're a bit wordy, but I just skip all the parts he tells you to put the book down.
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