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I always have at least 2 books on me. My all time fav's well i like Evanovich and Grafton for light reading, Colin Bateman, Christopher Brookmyre is great, Hiaasen I have read everything he has done, along with Elmore leanord, Pellecanos is also a good read, but I have all his, just finished reading a nice 4 set from Stephen Woodworth, well worth the time. Oh and Lee Child I can't put down, read all of Critons stuff aswell. There are so many out there, Mike Gayle, Barrowcliffe. Oh man I could go on, but I never seem to remember all the names. I would pick up anything by the above authors without hesitation. I pick up boxes of books at farm and estate sales so I never get to read the newest titles but untill 10 years ago I NEVER read a single book, in school or out. So now I'm hooked, couldn't get into King, or Cornwell but that was a while ago so I may have another go, james Herbert never did it for me.
OH Douglas Preston and Lincon Childs is superb, I would never have brought the book looking at the cover but I got one on audiotape and I was hooked.
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