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While I can't comment on technique could I offer some suggestions on compostion ? And apologies if I'm too blunt.

Photo #1 . If you were able to capture the crystallization of the snow on the tree (which would have given depth to the snow and allowed a background ~ a 3-D image) it would be great as is. As you weren't, cut out the tree trunk to the left it's distracting.

Photo #2 ~ too much of the same thing. After the fourth stalk from the left the textural differences between sharp and hard become moot.

photo #3 ~ the only interesting thing in this pic is the stump framed by a tree trunk in the foreground to the left and the tree trunk in the far background to the right with the wild weeds in front of it. Crop the rest.

Sorry to be blunt (they're great photo's all the same !!!!!)
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