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well, here's the thing. He's 4.5 yrs and for the first 3 years we had hardwood throughout and the occassional wool area rug. 1.5 years ago we moved into a new condo with new carpets everywhere. This is around the time his skin condition began.

When we were were recently away for 2 weeks and he was at my cousin's kennel, he seemed to have cleared quite a bit. After a few weeks back at home, the condition reappeared.

so, sounds like I should go back to the vet and ask about
- auto immune diseases
- a skin scraping
- blood test, and
- hormone levels test.

You'd think our vets would be telling US what it could be. I'd always thought that it was allergies and they've never corrected me or suggested anything other than optional antibotics to "clear him up" but it's not a long-term solution and it's certainly not investigative.

thanks for all the information and suggestions!
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