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My boxer pup drinks excessively too

Hi all, this is my first post. My boxer pup, Izzy, is approximately four months old and has recently begun drinking excessively. Today is Wednesday and I took her to the vet to get her third wave of vaccinations on Saturday. Following the vaccinations she has had unquenchable thirst. When water is put in front of her she drinks and drinks until it is gone and then she begs for more. I have the same problems at buffytwin with her tummy becoming bloated due to the amount of water in it and then she pees every 10 minutes. I'm going insane and not getting anything done outside of watching her like a hawk all the time. I've called and spoken with a four-year vet student at the University of Auburn who said it didn't sound like an emergency and everyone I've spoken to tells me to "give her the water if she's asking for it." I do of course, but the amount she's drinking is not normal. To my untrained eye it seems like her body is not absorbing any of the water and it's just going right through her. Is there a dietary or electrolyte fix for this? I figured she was just acting weird from getting her vaccines, but vaccine grogginess usually only lasts for a day or two at most. She's been doing this for four days now! Help!
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