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Elkhounds, if not around other dogs, cats or any other animals early, will not be very chummy with them. Elkhounds are hunters and a large part of that is the chase. My past and present Elkhound both would chase cats but never harm them, though. In fact they each at one time or another cornered a cat then cried because it stopped running and eventually walked away from it.
Huskies on the other hand will go the full 9 yards and actually kill what they chase. My neighbor's husky has brought back possum and squirrel from the woods. My neighbor brought home a stray cat that was injured and the Husky was very protective of it but later when it had kittens, he killed 2 of them. You never know.

I guess my point is northern breeds may have a harder time adjusting to living with a cat or other animals if they haven't been socialized early with other animals. I suppose that's true of many breeds, especially hunting breeds. I know I've seen plenty of pictures online of Elkhounds sharing sofas with cats, so it is possible. I wouldn't take offense to claims that northern breeds aren't great with cats.
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