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i bought my kitty from Petland but he was part of the pets for life adoption program and i had to sign loads of forms and stuff to promise to return him to pets for life if i couldnt take care of him anymore and not take him to a place that would put him down.
i agree that these pet mills should be closed and not supported but i think that when they have rescue cats they have a better chance of adoption cause there is a higher flow of traffic.
please dont think i am supporting pet stores who buy from these mills but those that have rescue pet sections, i think are certainly doing a good thing
I went in every second day for three weeks to visit my kitty before i convinced my boyfriend that i needed him. hehe. he caved when he met him and i have a wonderful lively, very vocal and social boy that i would never have met were it not for the chance encounter at the local petland.
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